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Doctor Who: Series 5.v
20th-Mar-2009 07:28 pm
Hey everyone,

in the last post, eight people said they'd like to write an episode.


So we need two more, plus five backup writers. I myself am not going to write or backup write, because I would like to play final editor--be the person who reads every story and makes sure that we have a consistent characterization and a continuous arc etc. Of course you can use your own standard betas for your writing, but I will be taking a look at every story as well. Also, I'll be there for all the writers to bounce ideas back and forth and give input and plot advice while they're writing.

If you're on the list of writers, please confirm in the comments that you're still interested. If you're not on the list but want to write a story, please also comment--we need two more writers, and five backup writers, and positions can be switched, so for now, I'd just like to get as many people to sign up as possible.

We have a couple of new mods: daphnie_1 and rude_not_ginger. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact any one of us. Also, please pimp this comm out to your friends and acquaintances. We need more people!

We had a couple of ideas coming up in the comments to the last post already. As soon as we have enough people signed up as writers, we can all get together in a chat room and discuss any potential plot arcs in more detail.
20th-Mar-2009 08:20 pm (UTC)

Yup, I'm still in.
21st-Mar-2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Totally still in. <3
21st-Mar-2009 03:00 am (UTC)
In and excited. :)
21st-Mar-2009 03:29 am (UTC) - Discuss

Also, I'm still in.
23rd-Mar-2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
I'm still in. :)

Edited at 2009-03-23 06:11 pm (UTC)
24th-Mar-2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
Accounted for! However, I want to see a pilot plot created by a writer before my writing takes place, I don't think I'd be very good at establishing a good companion.
24th-Mar-2009 08:56 pm (UTC)
Also as a note, I own a community for the television series Greek on LiveJournal, I'll be leaving a note as I know there are some Who fan amongst the mix.
28th-Mar-2009 02:43 am (UTC)
I am still in.
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